Employee Benefits Programs

employee benefits

In competitive industries, a solid, yet affordable benefits package is often the key to attracting and retaining quality employees. Elite Business Solutions create a flexible benefits structure to fit the specific needs of your employees and your business.

The following is an example of the types of increased benefits our clients are able to capitalize on and thus giving them a competitive advantage:

Major Medical

HMO, PPO,POS, Indemnity, HRA, Self-Funded, Multi-Option, Etc.

Ancillary Benefits

Dental, Vision, Long & Short-Term Disability, Long Term Care, Life, Etc.

Retirement Plan

401(k), Defined Benefit, Deferred Compensation, Etc.

Supplemental Benefits

Accident, Cancer, Employee Assistance Program, Etc.

Pre-Tax Benefits

Flexible Spending, Dependent Care, Transportation Fringe Benefit, Etc.

Complete Administration

Cobra and State continuation, billing reconciliation, Assistance w/claim

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